Subsidy Research

Subsidy research is the first step in effective subsidy management. There are more than 1400 subsidy schemes. Do you know which ones are most suitable for you?

What is a subsidy study?

Through a business analysis we test your projects at the various subsidy providers. The result of a subsidy study is a report in which we advise you on the subsidy options, success rate and administrative conditions.

With this service you are assured that you will not miss any subsidy possibilities. The periodic screening by our consultants ensures that you are always aware of the current subsidy policy and the opportunities this entails for your organization.


The subsidy research goes through the following steps:

1. Business analysis

We carry out the business analysis through desk research and multiple interviews with key persons from your organization. The business analysis deals with your business activities, investments and future plans.

2. Research

We test your projects with the various subsidy providers and financiers. In doing so, we map out the chances of success of your application and which administrative conditions belong to it.

3. Presentation research

What we do not do? Create a list of regulations without sound advice. We think it is important that you know which subsidy options there are. It should also be clear what the feasibility of granting these subsidies is for your projects. This way you can decide together with us which options are most relevant to you.

What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time depends on the information received, the amount of projects and the reaction time of the subsidy provider. We strive to complete that research within four to six weeks.